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4 March 2021
Slovenia and Germany... So near, so...very near! First German-Slovenian SME2B Online Forum

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First German-Slovenian SME2B Online Forum

The German SME Association Der Mittelstand/BVMW and the Slovenian Business Club, together with their European umbrella organisation European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, are hosting the first in a series of business-to-business online events in 2021, that starts on March 4th with the First German-Slovenian SME2B Online Forum for a direct exchange among member companies of BVMW and SBC.

Trade relations are usually established during live meetings at fairs, conferences and during business trips. Since the Coronavirus pandemic helped us to open our eyes to digital communication, we are now much more ready to try new ways of doing things. This time we will go 100% online.

You will get the opportunity to listen to High-level Speakers framing the cooperation between Slovenia and Germany, to learn about the economic situation and investment conditions, meet entrepreneurs and representatives of both associations also in 1:1 individual meetings through this registrations website, and discuss in roundtables important business-related issues.

Once you have registered you can see the individual profiles of each participant, their companies' websites and what they are looking for when doing business. Search and choose the right partners in 3 minutes, arrange a meeting and go!

See you on March 4th!

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